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In other sports, the incompetent get in the way, spoiling the enjoyment of teammates and sometimes opponents. In cricket, your duck needn't stop your fellow team member scoring a century, and it may well enhance his pleasure in it.

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Until the s, county sides routinely appointed socially superior captains whose playing abilities were at best mediocre — a hangover from the days when teams were raised and financed by aristocrats who didn't expect to take a back seat at their own party. Besides, cricket requires even the top players to do things they're not very good at. Monty Panesar may be England's best left-arm spin bowler, but his fielding and batting are comically clumsy.

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That was why English cricket followers took him to their hearts. For many, the best memory of the last home Ashes series in was the Panesar charms the English cricketing public because he is a throwback. At every level, the game has become far more "professional".

Even village teams play in leagues. Cricket has become meritocratic like everything else in national life and the traditions of beer, fellowship and self-deprecating humour have been expunged.

The Trundlers

But not quite. Last year, a group of writers, including Sebastian Faulks of Birdsong fame, decided to revive the Authors XI, a team for which Arthur Conan Doyle and PG Wodehouse opened the batting in the early 20th century, but which played its last match in Of the new XI, only one had experience of top-level cricket. Several others were occasional cricketers but the sole female member had never previously played at all.

Charlie Campbell, team captain and literary agent, confesses that he was only once selected, aged 10, for a school team, but has recently "rediscovered the joys of playing cricket badly". They were rarely disgraced and even won some matches. In The Authors XI , each writer contributes a chapter about one fixture, interspersed with reflections on some aspect of cricket, such as broadcasting, books, history or social class. The result is a distinguished addition to the game's extensive and eclectic literature. In the first match, several catches are dropped.

Yet even the laid-back representatives of literary England can't quite resist the modern approach to the game. Before the season started, they went to the Edgbaston ground in Birmingham for coaching and conditioning, which involved squat thrusts, sprints and muscle flexes supervised by two county cricketers. In The Trundlers , Harry Pearson highlights another endangered English tradition: the medium-paced bowler.

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The English, he argues, have always been suspicious of outright fast bowling, just as they are of very tricky spinners with their "googlies" and "doosras". Otherwise, they relied on bowlers who, though sometimes described as fast-medium, terrified nobody. Since many were failed fast bowlers — told to cut their runups and drop their pace to achieve greater "control" — English bowling, even at international level, was in a way a celebration of incompetence.

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